Posted on: April 4, 2012 5:08 pm

White SOX Season Opening Series Vs. TEX

  Heyyy-row Good ppl and also the rest of ya', Basbeball is back in action today and so am I.

Bold people make bold predictions I will start with this one, The White Sox take 2 out of 3 vs the Texas Rangers in Arlington Ball Park over the Easter Weekend!!

Whats my reasoning?? Im a F-ing homer duhh!! So Im goin with my gut on this one I think the first Victory will flip flop either John Danks or Jake Peavy will aid in the first victory then Gavin Floyd will wrap up the second Victory.

 Things to watch:
  Closer situation in Chicago, First time manager and the New Chicago White  Sox Manager Robin Ventura is mums the word on who will be titled as the closer and it may be a save scenario in a game before he shows his hand.  In the Mix is one-time all star Matt Thornton and his effortless heat (watch this guy toss its something) but more likely over the early course of the season Addison Reed, the young Santiago who impressed in springball and possibly Jesse Crain once he gets up to speed. Crains spring has been slowed by a minor injury that he has recently recovered from but has not gotten in enough work to be considered yet. IMO one of these guys most likely the first two Thornton or Reed will end up with the job.

Tex Starting pitchers Vs. White Sox hitting

 Two of the three games against the Rangers actually bode well for the Chi Sox and if the Rangers now C.J. Wilson-less in that rotation and the unproven Yu Darvish leaves me thinking the White Sox Hitters could fair well In Arlington Ball park and against the likes of Colby Lewis(who came from Japan leagues a cpl years ago), Matt Harrison, and Holland or Darvish(White Sox fair poorly against SP's they have yet to face IN MLB action)and Neftali Feliz wicked stuff but unproven as starter; I still think there's enough of a chance for the White sox to compete to win two out of three against the Rangers potent lineup.

Players to Watch:

Ian Kinsler, if he does receive a monster Extension before play begins does he hit the wall while trying to perform up to the contract.

Dayan Viciedo(spelling?), hah- this kid can mash and has been turning it on the last week in spring.

Jake Peavy,  What falls off next?? or does he make his name for comeback player of the year award in the early going.  His K rate has been better in his last five starts in 2011 and has continued to trend that way throughout spring for the White Sox.

White Sox/Rangers Bullpen. Both teams might struggle early defining the roles for each respective Bullpen in the early going and should make for an exciting wrinkle of excitement for true fans of both ballclubs.

  after last weeks Bud Selig's personal agenda Opening day in Japan, the actual sesaons starts Tonight and Im pumped!! happy Baseball Everyone!!! OnPoint W/ChaseQ.
Posted on: July 6, 2011 1:36 pm

White Sox HOst KC Royals July 6th 2011..QuickPICK

  Hello and hope everyone had wonderful 4th weekend.  Not going to break it all down due to lack of homework dont go breaking the piggy banks on this one.

  The pitching matchup is between Edwin "I jam the bases becuz I heart action" Jackson and Bruce "just cycled off the juice" Chen.  This will be the rubber match between the divisional foes with the White Sox trying to keep pace with both Cleveland (1st) Detroit (2nd) to have even a chance at winning the division.  I give the edge to the White Sox, Why?? because I f-ing can! no seriously Edwin Jackson loves to make things interesting but also finds ways to just hang in there. Edwin is also coming off a win and got decent run support in that matchup most likely he will need 4+ in this matchup since he is almost automatic at giving at least that many runs.  Bruce Chen apparently coming off a DL stint has had acouple of starts and on the season doesnt post the worst numbers however it is still a small sample size.  The more telling numbers would be Chen's stats vs the Chicago White Sox where I dont believe he has a victory and also boasts an ERA thats 4+ vs the Chi Sox.

  Prediction: This one will probably be right where the numbers point a 4-4 game somewhere around the 6th inning I see it possibly staying thay way late and a White Sox Victory (Im such a homer) coming at the expense of the depleted Royals bullpen!! 5-4 White Sox.
HR: Chi: Quentin, Dunn    KC: Cabrera, Butler
Posted on: June 24, 2011 1:44 pm

White Sox Vs. Nats...Friday June 24th

  Happy Friday Mid-Westerners!  Tonights Matchup is between the Washington Nationals hosted by the Chicago White Sox.  Both teams are in third place in thier respective divisions and both teams are carrying win streaks into the series Chi (2) Was (3). (Going to avoid the Riggleman headline on this blog)
  The pitching matchup is Jordan Zimmerman against Edwin Jackson. Both pitchers are right handed hurlers and young as well. the onjly time one of the SP tonight has faced there opponent in Edwin Jackson in the past seeing the NATS with 1IP w/1ER(9.00ERA) Zimmerman will be facing the White Sox Offense for the first time. Zimmerman has a stellar ERA right near 3.00 on the year and keeps his walks down but has not been racking wins pitching for the WAS.  Edwin Jackson can K a few guys and has been looking decent in recent starts throws alot pitches but finds ways to battle. Taking a look at this matchup head to head I would definitely give the edge to Jordan Zimmerman especially with the way the White Sox seem to struggle when facing a pitcher they have not seen in the past.  Of course facing the Nationals Offense off-sets that advantage if Jackson can give a QS to the home team who also has the slumping Adam Dunn facing his former club and I'm sure dying to put a hurt on anyone at this point and find at least a power rhythm to simply find some breathing room and alittle confidence.
  So even though the some of the matchup indications would suggest a 6-4 NATS victory tonight which could be the case if Edwin Jackson struggles too much though the first three innings. I am going to go the  other direction and take the White Sox to win another close one in a 5-4 White Sox Win! and gooo for the gamble and say Dunn hits a later inning HR of his former mates.(why not wont check back for your hate comments til MON.)  Happy Friday Everybody and Have a DRINK!! **Remember if you've been out Drinking Whiskey, Driving Home is way too Risky!!    OnPointW/ChaseQ

American League Central Team W L Pct. GB
Cleveland  40 33 .548 -
Detroit    40 35 .533 1 
  Chi. White Sox  37 39 .487 4½ 
 Minnesota  32 41 .438 8
Kansas City 31 44 .413 10 

 National League Central Team W L Pct. GB
 Milwaukee 41 35 .539 -
St. Louis 41 35 .539 -
Cincinnati 39 37 .513 2
Pittsburgh 37 37 .500 3 
Chi. Cubs 30 44 .405 10 
Houston 28 48 .368 13              
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Blue-Collar Kudos to the Captain....

             Kudos and Hats off to Capt. Konerko, "PPAAUULLIIEEE!!" for his fourth consecutive Ball game and his 4th HR in as many
games.. Paul is a true Professional Class act.  I believe Paul Konerko is and will be one of my ALL-TIME Favorites who will end as
a Non-Hall of Famer. He is a hall of famer in my book and beyond all the offensive contributions he's given my beloved White Sox he
has been a perennial defensive First basemen continually flashing a consistently high level of leather throughout his career his Defensive
Fielding %: .995%.  Again the forever CAPT. you may not get the hall but will have eternal fame in the grand city of Chicago!!! YOU RULE
Paul Konerko!!  First post of this was canned due to pics not converting, Booo..haha. BASEBALL, Its Still America's pastime!! 

American League Central Team W L Pct. GB 
Cleveland 39 32 .549 - 
Detroit 39 34 .534 1 
 Chi. White Sox 35 39 .473 5½ 
 Minnesota 31 39 .443 7½ 
Kansas City 31 41 .431 8½

National League Central Team W L Pct. GB 
St. Louis 40 33 .548 - 
 Milwaukee 40 34 .541 ½ 
Cincinnati 38 36 .514 2½ 
Pittsburgh 35 37 .486 4½ 
Chi. Cubs 30 42 .417 9½ 
Houston 27 47 .365 13½

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